Sara Lynn Brennan

Owner & Principal Designer

Hey guys! I’m Sara Brennan – nationally published Interior and Floral Designer, award-winning Entrepreneur, Author and collector of way too many vintage treasures. At my design firm, I take pride in working with REAL people to create REAL spaces where REAL life can happen. I love to create a cozy and casual environment for families to really live in, but my designs aren’t just practical, they’re also pretty, like magazine-worthy pretty.

Let’s “talk shop” for a minute: I’m the ONLY Interior and Floral Designer around and I have a very specific design aesthetic; if you’ve seen my Instagram feed or Portfolio, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I call my style “Romantic Transitional”, a beautiful intersection where “Real Life Meets Design” with an emphasis on practicality, soft elements and a few vintage finds. I love mixing a neutral color palette with masculine and feminine elements (it’s okay, feminine doesn’t have to mean girly) and old and new details to create a TIMELESS space. Sound good? Okay, lets keep going.

You’ll find that I’m quite the stickler for functional design - just being pretty isn’t enough! Having two young kids of my own (and a husband), I know what it’s like to want the best of both worlds. But is there really such thing as a “magazine-worthy AND family-friendly space”? My answer is 1000% YES! How can I be so confident? I’ve been nationally published multiple times for spaces I created for families with pets and children under the age of 10! I’m not just saying this, you can see for yourself in my featured issues of Romantic Homes and Traditional Home. My point is that beautiful, practical design is a reality - in fact my spaces can take on almost anything that game days or play dates will throw at them (literally).

I’m just like you in so many ways. I’m a busy lady who wants a gorgeous home for my family and friends to hang out in. I work hard and want a place that doesn’t require too much “upkeep”. I get you. But I dream big when it comes to design and have big plans for you if you’re willing to take this journey with me and my skilled team of design professionals. Are you ready to transform your house into your dream home? All right then. Let’s do this.

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How I Got Here

I often get asked to share my story of how I got into Interior Design. Spoiler Alert: It’s NOT a short story! But I’m open and honest about my journey through life thus far and would love to share it with those who are interested. I hope that my story inspires someone to follow their passion, follow their heart and never give up.