Custom Florals & Wreaths


I create custom and preserved  arrangements for any occasion to provide the perfect soft, personal touch to your space. 

My arrangements are naturally beautiful and will never wilt, unlike fresh flowers that will die within a few days, because my products are actually real flowers, botanicals and greenery that have been preserved. 

I am very selective with whom I source my materials from, so when you work with me, you’ll know you’re getting the highest quality product available. I use greens that have been preserved with safe and environmentally friendly glycerin, which preserves the beauty for life by replacing the water naturally found inside the plant.

Just as I do with my Interior styling, I collaborate with my clients to discuss their exact needs. We can discuss colors, fabrics, inspirations, visions and even the people and personalities they’re going to be given to, to ensure the end result is just perfect! It is very important to me that you get exactly what you are looking for, because that makes the investment absolutely worth it.


5 Reasons to Love My Arrangements

  1. You can get exactly what you want and it will last all year.
  2. ZERO maintenance to upkeep the arrangements, no watering or sun required (just lightly dust occasionally). 
  3. You will not waste your money (or time) buying fresh flowers every couple of weeks.
  4. The water inside the naturally grown plant is replaced with Glycerin, a safe and environmentally friendly product, to preserve the beauty and keep it’s shape for life.
  5. Flowers make people and spaces feel happy and my arrangements never wilt or die – they’re the gift that keeps on living and giving.

Let's Get Started:

  1. Use the “Contact” form to send me a message with an overview of what you’re looking for. (If you already have a vase or container you’d like me to use, please send me a photo of it. If you do not, don’t worry.)
  2. Know your budget and timeline.
  3. Keep a few inspiration photos on hand (even if they’re work I’ve done in the past that you loved and want me to create again.) 

I look forward to making your home or space more naturally beautiful with a preserved custom floral arrangement.