Living Room

So, yes, I have a neutral, mostly cream living room and I have small children. In most cases, some would call this our “formal” living room, but NOT IN MY HOUSE. Nothing about me is formal, nor is my family. We live in a very practical, transitional space that allows for life to happen without worry and when I walk by this space it makes me feel happy, complete and calm; that’s why I love it so much!

Believe it or not, this space is extremely practical for my young family! The slipcover on the sofa is made of the same material outdoor rugs are made from (yes, it’s pretty freaking durable) and I’ve curated and selected inexpensive pieces for this space that won’t break (the bank) if a ball were to go flying at it (or even if it did, it wouldn’t be an absolute disaster)! Also, almost every single piece in this room, with the exception of a few items, was bought on CLEARANCE somewhere or another, so it will be hard for me to tell you exactly where you can also find some of these items, but check out the source list at the bottom of the page for as many details as I could provide. I didn’t invest a ton in this room because I shouldn’t (I have young kids, remember?), but you’d better believe I am going to make it pretty if I’m going to be spending any of our hard earned money; that’s advice I always give everyone I work with – if you don’t love it, don’t buy it!

Our Living Room is one of my favorite rooms in the whole house. I think I love it as much as I do because it really encompasses all 5 Elements that define my style and design mentality in a very Transitional way. Take a look around and take notice of how the textures are mixed, there is a balance between feminine and masculine pieces and the oh-so-neutral color palette. You’ll also see that each individual piece is not as beautiful on it’s own, as it is within the mix of everything together; and that’s the goal! #yass

Living Room Source List:

  • Dresser (left) of Sofa: Addington Dresser, Dovetail Furniture
  • Cage Mirror: Clearance find, STILL searching for manufacturer
  • Gray Arm Chair: Lauran Armchair, Curations Limited
  • Floor Lamps (behind sofa): Kirklands
  • Nest Art: Nature’s Promise Trio in Blue by Susan Martinelli,
  • Sofa: Kincaid
  • Sofa Pillows: Seville Throw Pillow (Champange), Pillow Perfect and Sorcerer Throw Pillow (gray), Jaipur,
  • Ottoman: Tuesday Morning
  • Cream Wing Chair: Manufacturer: Four Hands Purchased from HomeGoods
  • Round Table: Brest Side Table, Dovetail Furniture
  • Bookcase: Solid Oak French Casement Bookcase, Curations Limited
  • Rug: Clearance find (not longer available), Pottery Barn
  • Throw blanket and chair pillows: Home Goods
  • TV Stand/Sideboard: Reclaimed Merchant Sideboard, Furniture Classics Limited
  • Floor Clock: Chouteau Floor Clock, Uttermost